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The innovative teaching methods mixing traditional lectures, practical workshops, personal researches, experimentation, peer to peer presentations and various visits, lead students to become creative and pragmatic, curious and analytical, imaginative and excellent technicians and prepare them to the possibility of an international career. The one to one approach allows them to develop their own creative universe while being adaptable to different styles, types of brand and market segments at the same time. This very complete, intensive, varied and exciting program trains fashion lovers to the jobs of Fashion Designer. However the perfect knowledge of fashion products and creative process it provides, allows participants to also achieve positions such as Stylist, Pattern Maker, Production Manager, Independent Designer, or even Collection Director, Art Director, or Merchandiser when completed by these courses.

IIFA course offerings were created best based on real industry demand to help prepare students for life after their education. Our course was created with the same curriculum in the city to give students a chance to delve into both fashion capitals and obtain valuable global insights in the industry. Our courses are built with the thought of offering high level education in the fashion and luxury field to teach valuable skill sets that future managers can use with confidence and efficiency and ultimately be leaders in the international scene.

Our Vision

The Core purpose of Our College is to provide education and service for the development of society.Consistent with the mission, our vision is to create world class institutes that achieve outstanding student learning outcomes by invigorating creative excellence in the field of fashion and design education. We differentiate our institutes by offering high-quality academic programs through close student-mentor engagement, research and creative programs, project based learning, state of the art learning and delivery facilities, and internationalization of the curriculum.

Our Mission

IIFA Educational Trust encourages its students, faculty members and staff to embrace a culture of lifelong creativity and innovative learning, develop critical and solution based thought process, acquire progressive career skills, and become responsive to the dynamics and the changing realities of the industry and the global community.

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